A Century Of Summers – Celebrating Camps Birthday


Last Saturday, we celebrated Red Arrow’s 100th birthday. The day was filled with smiles and laughter as the boys paddles and tubed down the Wisconsin River. Following our river excursion we gathered back at camp and had an amazing dinner with delicious cake. The cake featured a different red arrow than what you may be use to seeing from Red Arrow. It features a red arrow with a line through the center which was from the 32nd Red Arrow devision. The original founder of Red Arrow, Clearance Rasmussen, or ”Razz”, was inspired by his service in the First World War and the acts preformed by his devision while in battle. That very symbol was the logo of the 32nd, Red Arrow devision and subsequently the logo Razz used when he established camp. 

Red Arrow has maintained many of its traditions through its 100 year history like songfest, stunt night, the play, and activities. We’ve also added new activities, update our gear regularly and ensure that even the most experienced camper has fresh new experiences while attending camp. We strive for a balance between the Red Arrow our alumni are familiar with while still adding new elements to our summer to enhance the experience. 

It’s a special experience to be here for camp 100th birthday. Razz set out to make a camp that would give boys the best summer possible and I’m sure he’s looking down from above smiling, knowing that we are still striving for his vision each and everyday. We have dedicated this special 100th summer by painting a red paddle and having every camper and staff member sign it. It will be hung in the Mess Hall and remain there long after this summer is complete. 

Only two weeks remain of camp this summer. The boys have had such an amazing time here thus far and with all the special events we have planned at the end of camp I’m sure it will be a summer our campers will never forget. All of the cabins have completed their second and final trip of the summer and everyone in camp are now having play practices during rest period. Salad Bowl prep has begun and the Olympic t-shirts have been ordered. We are gearing up for our grand finale on the summer and we look forward to seeing all of our guests (re)connect with Red Arrow after being closed for two years. 

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