RACF Raises $318 Thousand in 2023

We are pleased to report that the RACF raised $318 thousand in 2023. A heartfelt thanks to the more than 250 donors that made our 2023 results possible. Your generosity is building RACF financial reserves while simultaneously supporting scholarships, facilities and programs/activities on an annual basis.

The SCC has now raised $1.747 million towards a goal of $2 million with two years to go (2024, and 2025). A major objective of the SCC is expanding and strengthening the RACF donor base. To better recognize its past and future donors, the RACF Board has established the following permanent giving clubs and we are pleased to report 2023 membership.

The “Raz” Founders Club

The Clarence Rasmussen Founders Club was established to recognize RACF’s largest lifetime contributors.  There are three donor recognition levels within the Founders Club (Manor through Chateau levels) recognizing lifetime gifts of at least $25,000 and ranging up to $100,000 and more.

Chateau Level
The Chateau Level recognizes donors whose lifetime gifts to the RACF and/or Boesel Fund exceed $100,000

Kevin and Julie Crockett
Betsy Parker and Gerry Cumpiano
Hodges Davis
John and Nancy Dickens
Peter Emch
Frautschi Family Foundation
Gardner Family Foundation
Michael and Wendy Graham
Marilyn and Bill Hopper
The Charles D. Jacobus Family Foundation
Peter O. Johnson
Bob and Sue Krohn
Joe and Nancy Masterson
Chris and Polly Meyer
Morgan Nalty
Tod and Jano Tanner
John Runkel

Chalet Level
The Chalet Level recognizes donors whose lifetime gifts to the RACF and/or Boesel Fund exceed $50,000

Tom and Diann Baumann
Jorge Calzada Zubiria
Oscar Cumpiano
Kelly and Gerry Cumpiano
Hoban Family Foundation
Bill and Susan Holliday
Bertrand Hopper Foundation
Souder Family Foundation
TEK Scholarship Fund
Truettner Family Foundation
Henry Uihlein Foundation

Manor Level
The Manor Level recognizes donors whose lifetime gifts to the RACF and/or Boesel Fund exceed $25,000

Ed and Pat Bierlein
Mary Chesney
Robin Wilson and Peter Foote
Joy Nalty Hodges
Austin and David Hopper
Myra Huth
Kenneth and Jill Jacobs
Tim Lautz
Stephen Linen
Philip and Sue Marineau
John and Nancy McMillan
Mike Masterson
Carl and Amy Meyer
San and Sarah Orr
Warren and Jan Rouse
Peter Vermeil


The Bob and Sue Krohn Club

Annual gifts of $1,000 or more qualify for membership in the Bob and Sue Krohn Club, an exclusive group of RAC’s most generous annual supporters. 

Alex Fraser
Alonso Fernandez Baptista
Bill and Marilyn Hopper
Bill and Susan Holliday
Carl and Amy Meyer
Cottrell/Jacobs and Housiaux Family Fund
Charles D Jacobus Family Foundation
Chris Meyer
Christopher Ogden
Colin Murray
Craig Stanley
Dan and Amanda Sundt
David and Julia Uihlein
Devon Bruce
Dianne and Tom Baumann
Dylan Price
Ed and Patricia Beierlein
Edgar and Ashley Bright
Edie Brengel Radtke and Kenneth F. Brengel
Ellen Murphy Blank
Eugene Jacobus
Frank Roddy
Fred Albright
Henry H. Uihlein and Marion S Uihlein Foundation
Hoban Family Foundation
Hodges Davis
Holly Black
Jack Dickens
Jim and Christina Barton
Jan Rouse
Jeannie and John Tobias
Jim Ferguson
John Dickens
Katherine Weber
Keith J Holbrook
Kelly and Gerry Cumpiano
Kenneth and Mary Lee Jacobs
Kevin and Julie Crockett
Lora Summerwill
Marilyn and Bill Hopper
Mary and Hal Burgen
Mary Beth and Bill Kucera
Matthew Williams
Micheal and Gloria Masterson
Morgan Nalty
Nancy and John McMillon
Nancy Lee
Nancy Washabaugh
Oscar Cumpiano
Oscar Mayer
Pablo Fregoso
Paul Hagar and Tricia Mullaney-Hagar
Peter Frautschi
Peter Vermeil
Phil Marineau
R. Lynn Rowe
Randy Clark
Ricardo Imbert
San and Sarah Orr
Souder Family Foundation
Stephen Linen
Steven E Vaughn
TEK Scholarship Fund
The Chicago Community Foundation
The Chione Family
The Schmitt Family Charitable Foundation
Thomas Moorhead
Tim Lautz
Timothy Price
Tony and Susan Arneson
Truettner Family Foundation
William Hodges Jr.
William Means


The Lil Joe Club and Patrons

Annual gifts of $300-$999 will qualify for membership in the Lil Joe Club, a group of RAC’s annual supporters. Annual gifts of less than $300 will be recognized as Patrons in RAC’s annual report.

Lil Joe Club
Adam Eisenberg
Andreas Foundation
Anne Gardner
Arthur Bunn
Barbara Schaepe
Benjamin Ivins
Community Foundation of Greater Richmond
Cordia Harrington
Cornell Teague
D. Michael and Carol Jehle
Dave Johnson
James Tausche
Jessie Conta
Jim Johnson
Julia and John Doxsie
June Harmon
Kimberly Kenny
Louisette Brown
Robert A Perina
Robert and Kathy Wiesemann
Robert Perina
Simon Kinet
Steven Duback
Tiffany Ray
Wade and Stephanie Denby
Woodbine Farm

Patrons Club
Alfred Brown
Allison Thayer
Andrew Cave
Andrew Levine
Andrew Young
Angela Kuzel
Ann & Deacon Carr
Ann Meier
Anne Magoun
April Wilson
Arthur and Jill Stockstrom
Arthur O’Leary
Barbara Janes
Blake Hill
Bob and Shelly Chikowski
Brent Doehring
Bruce Foerster
Bruce Nims
Carin T.
Carl and Jeanne Curry
Caroline Duff
Caroline Millard
Cathy Rambach
Charles and Gay Donahue
Christian Brown
Claudia Curry
Connie Scholfield
Corey Bodzin
Curtis and Jeanette Kemppainen
Dan and Lana Camerer
Dave Schoen
David and Keri Hoffman
David and Terri Rathje
David Childs
Deanne Peterson
Delois Moore
Diane Crawford
Diane Prendergast
Donald Beeby
Dr. Janice Devore
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Morrison
Eric Roche
Gary and Kim Genenbacher
Gayle Sundt
George Mayher
Georgianna Starz
Hope Galbreath
Jacqueline Goetter
James and Nancy Botti
James C Coogan
James Chuck
James Monk
James Riddell
Jan Krutmeier
Janice Aimaro
Jean Harner and Carin Grady
Jeanette and William Keogh
Jeffrey Kinzel
Jeffrey Shade
Jeffrey Sloan
Jennifer Lazar
Jim Evans
Jim Wilson
Joan Burns
Joe & Carol Dietz
John and Amy Lytle
John and Cathy Tittsworth
John Davenport
John Murphy
Jonathon and Cathleen Locke
Karin Fowler
Kathleen Liermann
Keith and Janet Taylor
Kevin and Susan Breheny
Kyle Buchta
Lizbeth Sode
Lykins Gregory
Margaret Frisella
Maril McCord
Mark Bateman
Mary Anne Stetzer
Mary Lee and John Campbell
Max Rouse
McKenzie & Kara Beeby
Michael and Connie Long
Michael Williams
Molly Page
Molly Shade
Nancy Sullivan
Patricia Clements
Peter Johnson
Randall Waks
Ray and Candy Arndt
Reid Adler
Rick Stewart
Robert and Cynthia Smith
Robert C. Cody
Roma Moore
Ruth McLaurin
Samantha Bright
Samantha Goldfeder
Sandra and Barton Cole
Sara Lieungh
Sarah Peterson
Serkan Karadas and Tammy Schlosky
Sharon and Kevin Moore
Shirley Medler
Stace Hilbrant
Stephan Huss
Stephanie Marcus
Stephanie Pakula
Susan and Tom Sloan
Susan Balabuch
Susan Wormley
Susanne Drescher
The Melvin Family Foundation
Thomas Edson
Tiernan Meyer
Tiffany Abril
Timothy Rose
Tom and Jane Shade
Tracey Welch
United Way of Decatur and Mid Illinois
V. Dean and Becky Chapell
Van and Patti Dukeman
Whitney Brown
William and Barbara McNutt
William and Candace Clevenger

All 2023 gifts count toward your Second Century giving total which runs through 2025. If you would like to make a pledge, or discuss a potential gift, you can contact the Campaign co-chairs or Eric directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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