Give the Gift of Camp: A New Alumni Referral Incentive Program

Dear Red Arrow Alumni and Friends,

As we anticipate  Summer 2024, only 82 days away, the excitement for campers and staff intensifies with each passing day leading up to our journey together starting on June 19th. This summer, our theme is “Find your People. Then Find Yourself.” It is my hope that you can join in our mission to help others “Find our People” and provide them with a transformative Red Arrow experience. Please continue reading for more details.

Alumni Referral Incentive Program:

As we transition into the Spring season, it’s a time when families are exploring various summer experiences for their sons, seeking both fun and fulfillment. This presents a prime opportunity for Red Arrow to introduce new families to the magic of a Red Arrow Summer. Over the decades, our alumni and close friends have proven to be our most effective ambassadors, testifying to the profound impact of a Red Arrow experience. In fact, our recruitment data consistently shows that our #1 source of camper enrollment is through family and alumni referrals – that means you!

How the Program Works:

We invite all alumni and close friends of camp to reach out and identify prospective families with boys who could benefit from a Red Arrow summer . If you find a family interested in learning more about Red Arrow, we will empower you to offer them a $1000 one-time Alumni & Friends discount off the standard enrollment fee. There are no strings attached beyond the normal application process and procedural Director communications. Just provide Eric with the family’s name and contact information and he will follow up. It’s that simple. We have faith that you will see this as a heartwarming opportunity to make a significant impact with minimal effort, allowing more families to provide their sons with the opportunity to discover the best versions of themselves at this crucial stage of life.

Have Questions or Need Additional Guidance?

Contact Director Eric Roche for assistance at any stage of the process. He would love to speak with you! You can reach him via email at or by phone at 920-728-2101.

Thank you for considering! On Red Arrow!



Eric and the RACF Alumni Committee

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