The Red Arrow Experience

Day In the Life

Activities, Class Instruction & Emblem Program

A Day at Red Arrow

Everybody up… It’s a beautiful day at Red Arrow

7:15 – 7:45am
Wash up and prepare for the day

7:45 – 8:30am

8:30 – 9:00am
Cabin clean-up

Flag raising and reveille

9:10 – 10:00 am
Sports activity

10:00 – 11:05am
First activity period

11:05 – 12:10pm
Second activity period

12:30 – 1:15pm

1:15 – 2: 25pm
Rest period

2:35 – 3:40pm
Third activity period

3:40 – 4:45pm
Fourth activity period

4:45 – 5:30pm
General swim and free time

5:30 -6:15pm

6:15 – 8:30pm
Evening program

8:30 – 9:30pm
Wash up, bedtime preparations, and reading

Taps and lights out


Over 100 years ago, Red Arrow Camp was a logging camp. So, naturally, most of our buildings are made of logs. As you enter the camp, you’ll see our spacious dining hall and rec hall (both part of the original logging camp) beautifully situated beneath a canopy of virgin Norway and white pines. Walk a bit farther and you’ll reach twelve log cabins, each of which houses 8-10 campers and two counselors. These cabins are a bit “younger” than the dining and rec hall — they were constructed in 1920 and have been carefully maintained throughout the years. Each cabin is outfitted with screened windows, electric lights, and solid double bunk beds.

Our tour continues with an impressive lineup of athletic facilities. Take a stroll around the camp and you’ll find our regulation-size soccer field, baseball/softball diamond, two basketball courts, three tennis courts, fully equipped rifle, trap, and archery ranges, a climbing wall, a high ropes course, a horse stable and riding ring, and a woodworking workshop. But that’s not all — four ski boats, seven sailboats, eight board sails, thirty canoes, eight kayaks, four row boats for fishing, and two float boats for SCUBA trips and cabin outings round out our equipment collection.

We prioritize constant maintenance and safety checks on all facilities and equipment in order to keep our campers and counselors safe.

Special Events

Each Week During the Summer Features At Least One Very Special Event…

Fourth of July

At Red Arrow Camp, the Fourth of July kicks off with a morning wake-up call featuring characters in full Revolutionary War period dress. The day continues with fun contests (many quite messy!) and everyone’s favorite — an “ultimate” game of Capture the Flag. A cookout at the lake is followed by the arrival of a neighboring girls’ camp for a dance in the Rec Hall. A spectacular fireworks display closes out the evening.


During Aquagatta — a very special day of the summer — campers are assigned to one of four self named water warrior teams where they compete against each other in water focused competitions of all kinds. After a spirited wake-up call each team embarks in pursuit of the hidden treasure!  The afternoon brings many fun, zany water contests and ends with the famous water slide ball toss. The evening is capped by a celebration featuring root beer floats for all teams!

Red Arrow Day

Red Arrow Day combines two aspects of the summer experience at camp. First, it is the culmination of the summer long Red/Grey competition that has long been a part of Red Arrow for decades. Second, it incorporates a history of Red Arrow and how RAC got its name from our founder, Clarence Rassumssen’s experience serving in the 32nd Red Arrow Division in World War 1. He learned the values of teamwork, dedication, and friendship and it is these values that serve as the foundation of the day’s theme. The action packed day is filled with a variety of thrilling competitions and activities, with our ending celebration featuring themed treats and reflection of our place in Red Arrow History.


RAC’s “Olympics” are held on the last Saturday of camp. The camp is divided into four nations, with each boy sporting a t-shirt representing his country. Boys compete in track events, swimming, sailing, skiing, horseback riding, wrestling, rifle, archery, trap, basketball, soccer, floor hockey, and more. The evening concludes with an awards ceremony where event winners are given gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Salad Bowl

The Salad Bowl is our flag football version of the Super Bowl. Held on the last Sunday of camp, this event is open to parents and friends of RAC. In the week leading up to the game, campers are divided into an upper and lower division and practice with their team. We kick off the event with a special tailgate lunch, and the two flag football games follow. The event ends with a steak fry celebration.

The Camp Play

The Camp Play is the biggest special event at Red Arrow. During the last two weeks of camp, everyone who wishes to be a part of the play — a fun, musical production — practices during their rest period and free time. Several hundred people (parents, friends, neighbors) attend the boys’ standing-room-only productions over the course of two evenings.

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