Join us live on FEB 4th, at 3:00PM EST for Sunday At The Cedars

Counselor Stunt Night!

On Saturday evening the boys gathered to the Rec Hall to the sound of the bell to watch our traditional Counselor Stunt Night. This stunt night was different than those in years past, due to camp being closed for guests until the final week of camp. Although camp was closed for guests it didn’t take away from the magic of the night. We had a great mix of new skits and traditional skits from summer’s past. The staff worked tirelessly to provide the boys with a show that would fill the Rec Hall with laughter.


We started the show just like any other – with “School Days”, followed by “By The Sea”. First-year counselors traditionally get picked to strap on flippers and goggles. This year Sam Davis, Hamilton Satari, Claude Pons, Jack Grady, and Max Heider. Following “By The Sea” we performed a skit we haven’t done for several summers, “Matt Foley”. This skit is based on the original skit from Saturday Night Live performed by the late Chris Farley. This summer, Anthony Burgan, McKenzie Beeby, Fletcher Barnes, Ian Dethloff, Baldwin Barnes, Greg Hau, & Joe McGee. This was one of the more popular skits of the night.

Other skits worth highlighting were the “Actors Skit”, “Mexican Madness”, & Robbinghood. Finally, to round up the lineup we ended with the longtime skit- “The Runkle Ballet”. The night was incredible! It was filled with smiles and laughs as our staff put on one incredible show.

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