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  1. Knowledge of rules of domestic and international wrestling.
  2. Takedowns:
    a. Proper stance and sprawl
    b. Control of opponent’s movements
    c. Double leg takedowns
  3. Mat Wrestling:
    a. Neutral
    b. Starting positions
    c. Control rides
    d. Breaking control
  4. Recognize and awards points for:
    a. Take down (2)
    b. Escape and reversal (1c) (2m)
    c. Near Fall
    d. Fall
  5. Wrestle an entire match
  6. Sign up for at-least 2 sign-ups
  7. Come to every class with a great attitude


  1. Take Downs
    a. Single Leg
    b. Snap Downs
    c. Whizzer
  2. Mat wrestling
    a. Control rides (ankle pick-cross body)

    1. Counter to ankle pick and cross boy
  3. Reversals (switch and whizzer)
  4. Working for the fall
    1. Cradles
    2. Near arm and head
    3. Counters to above
  5. Referee a match
  6. Come to every class with a great attitude


  1. Lead class in warmups & closing & teach in assigned technique
  2. Demonstrates leadership in implementing class routines
  3. Be a good example in sportsmanship and competitive relationships
  4. Approval of wrestling counselor is necessary for awarding of
  5. Come to every class with a great attitude
    1. Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced Emblems
      1. Throwing legs
      2. Henderson Series
      3. Peterson
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