Wood Shop


  1. Know the names and functions of the machines in the shop
  2. Demonstrate appropriate safety protocols
  3. Complete a project OK’d by Wood Shop Instructor to earn an Emblem.
  4. Able to use basic wood tools; power and hand tools.
  5. Return all tools to their proper area when you are done.


  1. Must be able to read a ruler
  2. Must have plans on paper before starting a project.
  3. Should be able to work alone and ask for help when needed.
  4. Take the initiative to clean up at the end of the period.
  5. Be responsible for the starting and finishing of the project.
  6. Be aware of equipment that is in use around your area.
  7. Alert the instructor when there are safety issues


  1. Must have earned an Emblem and are eligible to earn a Star
  2. Must be willing to step up and help the younger campers
  3. Take the initiative and do a camp project
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