1. Two sign up sessions.
  2. Demonstrate and explain eight basic safety rules.
  3. Demonstrate all safety measures at all times.
  4. Know the parts of a shotgun and their functions.
  5. Know how to clean a shotgun completely, breaking down the firearm and putting it back together after cleaning.
  6. Know the parts of a shotgun shell and how one works.
  7. Explain choke function and selection.
  8. Explain factors to be considered when selecting a shotgun and ammunition.
  9. Shooting strings for emblems are as follows:
    1. BEGINNERS: 2 Strings of 12 out of 25
    2. INTERMEDIATE: 2 Strings of 15 out of 25
    3. ADVANCED: 2 Strings of 18 out of 25
    4. EXPERT: 2 Strings of 22 out of 25

10. Demonstrate proper stance and form.

11. Demonstrate the concept of load and swing.

12. Explain shot selection and the different shells and shot.

13. Explain the technique of teaching follow through.

14. Expert: must participate in trap competition.

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