Join us live on FEB 4th, at 3:00PM EST for Sunday At The Cedars


  • Know all of the stable’s safety rules (dos and don’ts)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a horse’s three gaits (walk, trot, and canter)
  • Spend one hour participating in stable work and management
  • Demonstrate knowledge of parts of a bridle and saddle; soap and oil a bridle and saddle correctly
  • Know parts of horse and how to groom a horse properly
  • Lead a horse and adjust stirrups (from ground) properly
  • Properly mount and dismount
  • Use natural aids properly when riding a horse (engage/disengage)
  • Demonstrate proper form and control while seated on a horse at a walk
  • Trail ride properly


  • Complete all aforementioned beginner requirements
  • Identify different bits and their purposes
  • Halter, bridle and saddle a horse
  • Use proper position and aids on a horse at a walk
  • Demonstrate proper posting seat and control at a trot
  • Demonstrate horsemanship skills and control in the ring.
  • Demonstrate secure seat and skills while trail riding.


  • Complete all beginner and intermediate requirements
  • Demonstrate knowledge of different breeds of horses
  • Demonstrate proper care of a horse (feed, groom, pick hooves, tack/untack, provide first aid)
  • Demonstrate safe and proper stirrup adjustment while mounted
  • Demonstrate proper form and control bareback (post and trot)
  • Demonstrate proper form and control at a canter (proper leads)
  • Demonstrate proper form and control over cavaletti and jump (use of two-point contact)
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