Join us live on FEB 4th, at 3:00PM EST for Sunday At The Cedars



  • Sign up for at least two sessions
  • Demonstrate basic cradling skills (right and left)
  • Demonstrate the correct form in scooping a ground ball
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in all ball drills:
    • Throwing both right and left hand
    • Catching both right and left hand
    • Ground balls both right and left hand
    • Man/ball both right and left hand
  • Demonstrate and know all three dodges:
    • Split
    • Roll
    • Face
  • Demonstrate correct form in shooting a ball
  • Demonstrate defensive positioning one on one (drop step and shuffling)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the rules as well as special techniques:
    • Face off
    • Checks (slap and poke)
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude during every class


  • Sign up for two sessions
  • Demonstrate proficiency in all beginner requirements and receive the beginner emblem
  • Demonstrate basic cutting drills, such as the v-cut
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the game, including passing on the outside
  • Know how to run offensively; demonstrate a four on three fast break
  • Know how to set up and run all offensive sets:
    • 1-4-1
    • 3-3
    • 2-3-1
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude during every class
  • Complete 50 quick sticks with your strong hand
  • Complete 30-yard long passes (12 of 15)


  • Sign up for two sessions
  • Pass all the beginner and intermediate requirements
  • Show proficiency in accuracy shooting (corners) from 15 yards away
    • 4 corners — 15 strong hand and 12 weak hand
  • Know how to run a four on three fast break both offensively and defensively
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of man-up/man-down
  • “Quick Stick” with consistency (100 in a row strong side and 50 weak side)
  • Know how to run at least three out of three offenses:
    • 1-4-1
    • 2-3-1
    • 3-3
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude during every class
  • Win lacrosse staff approval
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a team defense (clears and slides)
  • Demonstrate crease and adjacent slide packages
  • Demonstrate long stick passing:
    • 50 yards – 12 of 15

Goalie Blue Star

  • Sign up for two sessions.
  • Demonstrate basic cradling skills.
  • Demonstrate the basic skills of the clamp and rake.
  • Show proficiency in
    • Catching
    • Throwing
  • Be able to run a basic clear.
  • Outlet passing to a standard and moving target.
  • Basic form:
    • Bounce shots
    • High shots
  • Knowledge of goalie calls and defensive positioning.
  • Correct goalie stance.
  • Saves: from 15 yds. Away.
    • 10 out of 15 high shots
    • 10 out of 15 bounce shots
  • Basic knowledge of the goalie position.
  • Positive, good attitude 110% every class.

Goalie Calls

  • Screen-goalie is being screened.
  • Rebound-ball bounced out after shot.
  • Break-goalie made save-break out.
  • Directional calls-where the balls are.
  • Post-man is at post of goal line extended.
  • Slide-defender got beat slide to new guy.
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