We are proud to partner with our neighbors at the Trout Lake Golf Course to offer a limited number of campers the opportunity to learn, or further enhance their golf skills in the Northwoods. Pro Mike Osbourne has created a well-organized schedule of lessons similar to the FirstTee youth program. Golfers will visit the course twice per week for top notch instruction and pursuit of our new Golf Emblem. The program is designed to challenge and grow experience golfers, as well as introduce basic skills to campers new to golf. The schedule includes lessons in putting, chipping, irons, bunker, woods, and golf etiquette.

In camp, we are proud of our unique 18 hole mini golf “Northwoods” course to allow boys to practice and compete outside of class to ensure they keep their skills sharp!

  • Brings an RAC ‘Yes I Can’ attitude to every class
  • Two signups
  • Dressed in RAC golf shirt for each class
  • Cooperates with instructions and fellow campers


  1. 8/10 3-foot putts
  2. 6/10 5-foot putts
  3. 30-foot lag putts inside 10-foot radius


  1. Chip 6/10 inside 10-foot radius
  2. 4/10 bunker shots inside 15-foot radius


  1. Demonstrate proper grip, posture, and alignment
  2. Display improvement throughout class


  • Demonstrate basic rules of golf & golf etiquette by answering 9 of 10 golf question cards correctly
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