• Attend each class with a positive, “Yes, I Can” attitude
  • Cooperate with instructors and canoe partners at all times
  • Know parts of the paddle and canoe and recite them from memory
  • Understand and explain the performance of different paddle and canoe designs
  • Demonstrate proper entry and exit from a tandem canoe
  • Demonstrate proficiency (and feathering when appropriate) with the following strokes on both sides:
    • Forward stroke
    • Back stroke
    • Draw
    • Sweep and reverse sweep
    • Pry F. J-stroke
  • Explain how each of the above strokes moves the canoe by answering nine out of ten canoe question cards correctly
  • Correctly demonstrate a moving water self-rescue
  • Paddle the “RAC 8” in under the identified time


  • Complete all beginner requirements
  • Understand and explain moving water features
  • Explain and demonstrate (if possible) eddy turns, peel outs, and ferries
  • Explain and demonstrate a high and low brace
  • Perform a shallow and deep water dump test and recovery
  • Demonstrate “flipping” a canoe to portage it
  • Paddle the “RAC 8” in under the identified time in a tandem canoe
  • Paddle the “RAC 8” in under the identified time in a solo canoe


  • Display thorough knowledge and skills of all the above requirements
  • Serve as an assistant instructor for at least one sign-up
  • Serve as instructor/tutor with a beginner paddler on two evening optionals
  • Earn the approval of the head canoeing instructor
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