• Bike parts
  • How does a bike work?
    • The mechanics of a bike
    • The physics of why you don’t fall
    • Why you have gears.
  • Types of bike and bike races.
    • Road (criterium, road race, time trial), mounting (xc, downhill, time trial), cyclocross, track.
    • How does the Tour de France work?
    • How is a bike race different from a running race?
    • What is drafting and how does it work? How important is it?

Bike Skills

  • Bike maintenance
    • How to fix a flat tire
    • How to lube a chain
    • More advanced maintenance: adjust cable tension, true a wheel.
  • Proper shifting, maintain the proper cadence
  • Position – for climbing, sprinting, flat riding
  • How to mount and dismount
    • On a hill
    • While running (necessary for cyclocross races)
  • Navigate obstacles similar to ones found in cyclocross races.
  • How to navigate bumps, roots; how to bunny hop

Bike Fitness

  • Bike to pope’s and back
  • Bike up pope’s hill without having to get off and walk
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