• Climb both sides of the rock wall without crossing over mid-line
  • Correctly demonstrate harness inspection and put harness on without assistance
  • Know the pre-climbing commands: “on belay,” “belay is on,” “climbing,” and “climb on”
  • Correctly tie and identify the following knots: figure eight follow-through, figure eight on a bight with a barrel knot, and a Killick hitch
  • Identify the following pieces of equipment and explain their uses: double-locking carabiner, triple-locking carabiner, Grigri, ATC, dynamic rope, and static rope
  • Demonstrate proper back-up belaying technique


  • Complete all eight obstacles on the high ropes course and the zip line
  • Demonstrate correct belaying technique
  • Climb both sides of the rock wall using only the backboards (natural holds)
  • Correctly identify lobster claws and identify the differences between the two types at RAC
  • Explain the difference between a live belay and lead climbing


  • Demonstrate a hitch that will anchor a belayer

  • Correctly tie a Killick hitch and use it to switch the haul line for the rope

  • Successfully complete a route on the rock wall created by an instructor

  • Belay an instructor using both an ATC and a Grigri

  • Demonstrate proper waterfall and BUS belay technique

  • Understand and demonstrate proper lead climbing technique on the ropes course pole with both instructor sling lines and a dynamic climbing rope

  • Successfully reset a top rope that has been pulled

  • Assist in instructing class for one sign-up


  • Demonstrate mastery in all aforementioned areas

  • Assist in instructing for two full sign-ups

  • Instruct a class in the ropes course and at the climbing wall

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