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The Power of Camp

This past winter, we surveyed current and former campers, counselors, and parents to understand the impact of RAC on their lives. The survey’s 118 respondents made it clear that love for Red Arrow runs deep.

Their answers also supported what we’ve known for awhile —

That camp fosters learning and the development of essential social and emotional skills: maturity, independence, responsibility, resourcefulness, empathy, and teamwork.

That camp encourages growth, leadership, and the formation of strong values.

That camp impacts personal, academic, and professional success.

And — that camp is FUN. As in “best summer of your life” fun.


Take a look at a few survey highlights:

Campers said…

  • They’re a better person for having been an RAC camper. (100%)
  • They would recommend RAC to others and/or consider it for their own sons. (100%)

Counselors said…

  • They’re a better person for having been an RAC counselor. (96%)
  • They’re a better professional/employee for having been an RAC counselor. (95%)

Parents said…

  • They were initially hesitant to send their child to camp for 7 weeks. (59%)
  • However, they now feel that the length of camp makes the experience more impactful. (79%)
  • They would recommend RAC to others. (96%)

We also got to see how campers, counselors, and parents describe RAC’s impact in their own words. Here’s what they said:

Red Arrow made a massive impact on my world outlook, and has a positive influence on every facet of my life. To be able to learn such important values and information while making some of the best memories of a lifetime is an opportunity I wouldn’t trade for the world.” – Former Camper

After twenty years of being connected to Red Arrow, camp is not simply a place I have worked. It is a foundation upon which I have built my professional and personal identity. It is a deep and meaningful part of who I am.” – Former Counselor

Our son always comes back from camp full of positive energy. The values that he lives by while at camp have been a key component of his success and leadership in school and sports activities. He has learned to help and cooperate on everything he can and considers his RAC friends as family.” – Parent of Former Camper

Pretty powerful, huh?

If you need any more convincing (or even if you don’t), check out this 4-minute video created by Challenge Success: a Stanford research organization that has spent years studying the benefits of attending summer camp. We hope you find it as inspiring as we do.

If you’d like more information on Red Arrow Camp, click here to contact our camp director Eric.

Ready to enroll your son in camp this summer? Both new and returning families can click here to get started.

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