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Steering Clear of Sports Burnout

From Wisconsin Public Radio…. “Women coaches and athletes from western Wisconsin say they’ve noticed fewer children sticking with sports in high school and college. A survey released last year by the Aspen Institute with the Utah State University Families in Sports Lab found fewer young people were participating in team sports over a 10-year period from 2008 to 2018. Several factors were cited for the decline in participation including increased sports specialization, burnout and the high cost often associated with playing sports.”

Whether you’re a girl or boy, this article provides a telling sign that all parents should pause to consider. Our intentions as parents may be good, but are we really nurturing the right approach with our kids and the level of time, intensity, and cost at a young age? When is there time to play freely, discover, explore, and use one’s imagination to navigate young life? Read on to learn more about this recent study shared on Wisconsin Public Radio.

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