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Is a Single Sport Focus Best For Our Youth?

We at Red Arrow believe in the value of helping boys become the best well rounded versions of their authentic selves emotionally and physically. We believe the ability to engage in a variety of experiences and challenges in sports, and life can make the boy more well rounded and adaptable cultivating a great teammate and player on and off the field or court. It is commonplace in today’s day and age to see specializing year round in one sport as the only path to progress, however, recently an article in the Washington Post shares a fascinating look into the path that leads to the Superbowl for MVP Patrick Mahomes.

Quite simply, Patrick Mahomes became the best quarterback in the NFL by refusing to specialize in Football. So often we as parents can be pressured to put all our eggs in one basket of development year round for our children in a particular sport. But this article begs the question, is a single sport focus the best for our youth of today?

Red Arrow Camp Patrick Mahomes

Learn more about Patrick Mahomes’ approach here from the Washington Post right after the Superbowl!

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