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NOW Is The Time to Reboot Summer Camp

We couldn’t agree more. Never more is a one of a kind camp experience like ours needed more. We share with you this powerful article written by Outside Magazine to further drive home the notion that our children need us more then ever.

“Here’s how sleepover summer camp is supposed to work: Dearest Daughter leaves behind the world of academic score keeping, highly supervised activities, and her social-media identity in favor of a zero-tech experience far from her loving if increasingly overbearing parents. In this liberated environment, she embraces all kinds of new risks—and makes lots of mistakes that help her learn to take care of herself. She wears the same socks for a week, picks her nose after arranging a bouquet of poison ivy, and smuggles s’more ingredients back to her cabin, attracting raccoons.

But magical things happen, too. Free from the fear that her every action will be documented on Instagram or Snapchat, maybe she holds hands with that boy she likes, who for his part has discovered at campfires that he likes to sing. At the end of her session, she returns home filthy and exhausted but also more resilient and confident. And in the years ahead, when new challenges arrive—heartbreak, rejections from a school or jobs, perhaps a global health crisis and recession—she has systems in place to cope” READ ON…..


Red Arrow Camp Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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