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Message To Our RAC Community

Dear Families, Alumni, and Friends:

With each day brings greater concern and adjustment for all of us. I wish for this email to find you well in your adjustment, with priority being your families health and well-being. We are thinking of you.

   Our Steps Ahead

Red Arrow Camp is enthusiastically planning for our 100th season with all fingers crossed. Enrollment is still open and climbing! However, it would be irresponsible of us not to acknowledge the impact this all could have on our summer season. While I am in regular communication with our current camp families I also feel the RAC community deserves to understand our mindset right now moving forward.

   Timeline of Decision Making

We as an organization have set the middle of May as a time we will take stock and evaluate the state of this pandemic from a health and safety standpoint so we may determine the best course of action moving forward. Decisions such as moving forward full steam with our 7-week planned 100th season, to consideration of an adjustment of the length of camp season, to the unfortunate cancellation will all be on the table and discussed at that time. I can offer no other information to you at this time because there is so much unknown yet. As Director and parent, I personally have a feeling we may likely know the outcome prior to mid-May but that is our target date of regrouping and evaluating. Again, the health and safety of our campers and staff is our #1 priority and we will take into consideration all aspects of the camp experience beginning to end in determining what is safe for all.


We appreciate all support, patience, and understanding of our position currently. I think we can all agree that camp would be the best structured experience for our boys this summer without question more than ever! I do not mind saying this all has been emotionally challenging to navigate, yet I maintain my promise to you that RAC will make the safest and fairest decisions for all moving forward.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any specific questions any time as always. Thank you for your support. Be safe.


Eric Roche,
Director – Red Arrow Camp for Boys

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