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Looking Ahead to Summer 2021: Action and Adaptability Create Opportunity at RAC

Dear Families, Alumni, Friends, and Prospective Parents:

As we prepare for the most highly anticipated Summer in our storied history, we are reminded that through every hardship makes for great opportunity for growth and wisdom. Preparation for our 100th summer on Trout Lake embraces this philosophy with vigor and dedication. We will once again bring our one of a kind experience to boys and young men who may have never needed a Red Arrow way of life more than now in today’s day and age. As of today, we have 64 boys already packing their trunks for camp! Enrollment is strong and enthusiasm is certainly high.

Rightly so, you may be wondering what Red Arrow Camp’s plan are this summer in the era of COVID after an absence of Summer 2020?  What precautions will be made? How will the experience be different? These are great questions! Allow me to respond so that you and our entire RAC family can be in tune to our intentions for what could be one of the most special summers in history. Please read on for more detailed information about our process of preparation and response.

COVID Response and Preparation

I have said it before, and I will say it again. I embrace the reality of challenges we face now and into the near future. I am committed to bringing Red Arrow Camp back stronger than ever while keeping our fundamental principles and authenticity intact, while also adjusting as necessary to ensure we can offer a camp experience in the era of COVID that is as safe as possible.

The fact is that we know more now and will continue to learn more as we move forward allowing us to adjust together to ensure camp can operate.  I am very confident about this! This is all a moving target as we all know, however, you can trust that I move along with it and will continue to do so for the weeks and months ahead. With regular research and consult with our key state Health Officials, the American Camp Association, and our neighboring camp leaders we are leaving no stone of information unturned.

COVID Preparations Already Underway: NOVIR Partnership 

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a partnership with COVID Consultant and Testing Solutions company, NOVIR. Moving forward they will assist us in monitoring the landscape of COVID  so that we respond accordingly with implementation of a strategy that ensures the greatest health plan to minimize risk for our campers and staff. We will continue to assess all trends from here on out, and already have begun planning a variety of scenarios for our typical 7-week season that would indeed include on-site rapid testing and a response regiment.

In coming months, I will share timely information to ensure transparency as much as possible. Variables and considerations such as, but not limited to, vaccine availability, travel challenges, “bubble” concepts with exclusion of guests (if necessary), etc. will all be considered and will dictate what the safest course of action will be as summer nears.  We appreciate your support and understanding of this ever-changing landscape. For myself, I assure you I will commit to being on the front end of this with proactive planning so that we can all find comfort in getting our boys back where they belong this summer.

Lastly, as always please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions about our plans. I am here for you. On Red Arrow!


Eric Roche, Executive Director


Red Arrow Camp Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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