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Enrollment for Summer 2021 is Open! Our 7-week session begins on Wednesday, June 23rd, and concludes on Wednesday, August 11th.


Camp Countdown


Why Red Arrow Camp?

Red Arrow Camp offers a traditional, single-session 7-week summer camp experience for boys ages 7 to 16. Located on the shores of Trout Lake in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

Built on 100-year-old traditions, we offer our 95 campers an escape from modern-day stressors. At Red Arrow, our boys unplug, leaving behind their technology-driven routines. Televisions are replaced by pine trees, sports fields, and the inviting, glimmering expanse of Trout Lake. Laptops and iPhones are abandoned in favor of ping pong paddles and canoe paddles, and video games give way to real-life adventures in the wilderness of the Northwoods.

At Red Arrow, we encourage our campers to take our philosophy to heart: “Don’t wait to be a great man, be a great boy.” At the end of the summer, our campers leave Red Arrow having experienced the wonder of nature, the satisfaction of hard work, and the magic of enduring friendships.

Our Mission

To foster resiliency, courage, compassion, physical growth, and belonging.

Our Vision

To provide the Red Arrow experience to as many boys as possible so that they may thrive and continue their path to greater giving and making a difference in the world.

Our Philosophy

Red Arrow Camp’s storied 100-year heritage is a great source of pride for campers, staff, and alumni alike. Red Arrow’s philosophy is realized in a space and time today that is made possible by our extended time together. Our unique 7-week experience cultivates and nurtures social and physical skills that develop in 3 nurturing stages of Disconnect, Discovery, and Development.

We first Disconnect from modern day stresses, demands, and compromising distractions so that boys can be free to better connect with themselves, their peers, and their environment.

Then comes the Discovery step. We invite boys to think about who they are and who they want to become as a result of discovering experiences and authentic relationships never considered before.

Lastly, boys Develop life-long social, physical, and organizational skills that commonly result in a lasting foundation of character that transcends the summer camp experience.

Parents tell us that they’re amazed by how much their sons have grown after only a single summer at Red Arrow Camp. They show a new sense of confidence, independence, and appreciation for what they have.

Why Seven Weeks?

While other camps have turned to multiple shorter sessions, we believe that certain experiences are only possible with the continuity of a full, seven-week session.

We offer our campers opportunities to develop confidence and leadership that they won’t find at a shorter-term camp. Over the course of seven weeks, our boys are challenged to reach their full potential, and their self-confidence skyrockets as they achieve their goals — whether that be advancing from “beginner” to “intermediate” in an activity or receiving a hard-earned emblem.

Our seven-week format also produces meaningful, often lifelong friendships. At RAC, a camper isn’t one of hundreds of kids, required to wear name tags in order to be recognized. Our campers get to know fellow campers and counselors on a deeper level as we work together, play together, and laugh together. Year after year, we find that the occasional homesick tears on night one are far outweighed by the flood of emotion at our closing ceremonies when campers realize their summer together must come to an end.

Finally, a full seven weeks at Red Arrow Camp offers campers a superior quality of sports instruction than a shorter-term camp can provide. At RAC, our instructors get to know campers’ individual abilities in order to develop their strengths and coach their weaknesses. Besides our sports classes, our highly qualified instructors offer classes in fitness, weight training, and powerlifting. By the end of the summer, our boys have made significant strides in skill, strength, and ability.

Camp Calendar

June 23, 2021

First day of Camp

July 4, 2021

4th of July Celebration

July 10, 2021

Counselor Stunt Night

July 12, 2021

Canadian Wilderness Trip Depart

July 17, 2021


July 24, 2021

Happy BirthDAY RAC Party

July 31, 2021

Special Event TBA

August 6, 2021

Camp Play #1

August 7, 2021


August 8, 2021

Salad Bowl

August 9, 2021

Camp Play #2

August 11, 2021

Last Day of Camp/Closing Ceremonies

August 12 – 15, 2021

100 Year Celebration

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