Red Arrow Camp is fortunate to have passionate and generous alumni whose dedication to RAC endures long after they leave the shores of Trout Lake. Compelled by the life-altering experiences they had as campers and counselors at RAC, these alumni help preserve the tradition of RAC for future generations.

Red Arrow Camp is dependent upon the support and generosity of alumni and others to continue its mission of helping great boys become great men. Since 1967, alumni support for scholarships through the Charles M. Boesel Foundation has helped worthy boys attend Camp. In 2012, the Charles M. Boesel Foundation changed its name to the Red Arrow Camp Foundation. Red Arrow Camp Foundation purchased the Camp from Bob and Sue Krohn. This transition, which was dependent upon the commitment of the Krohn’s and the generosity of the donors to the RAC Foundation, will ensure the long term future of Camp. In addition, the funds existing within the Charles M. Boesel Foundation were retained and segregated to continue its mission of providing scholarships. The Charles M. Boesel Foundation is now known as the Charles M. Boesel Scholarship Fund of the Red Arrow Foundation.

Although the sale of Camp is complete, Red Arrow is still very much in need of ongoing support from its alumni. The Charles M Boesel Fund, a distinct entity within the larger Foundation, continues its important mission of supporting campers who couldn't otherwise afford to attend RAC. In addition, the Foundation's ongoing capital campaign will allow us to upgrade and improve the facilities at camp while preserving its unique tradition.

Please support our mission. We encourage you to learn more about the RAC Foundation and the Charles M Boesel Fund in these pages. Donations of any size are very much appreciated. Visit our Donation page to learn how you can help.

Red Arrow Camp Foundation

In 2008, Bob and Sue Krohn, longtime owners of camp, invited a few alumni to create the Red Arrow Camp Foundation and purchase the camp as a way to preserve its history, value and traditions, for future generations. The Krohn’s charged this group with the task of raising the necessary funds and establishing the structure to manage camp in perpetuity.

A fund raising campaign was initiated in 2009 to raise the necessary funds to purchase the camp and begin an endowment fund. This campaign was widely supported in the RAC community. In 2012, we purchased Red Arrow Camp but our goal still needs to be reached and the campaign continues today. We are in need of your financial assistance to allow us to fund ongoing capital projects, expand our program and maintain our wonderful facilities. We hope that you will find it in your heart to consider supporting us.

The Red Arrow Camp Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)3 registered charity. The Foundation owns and operates Red Arrow Camp. The Foundation has a segregated fund for the Charles M. Boesel Scholarship Fund. The Boesel Scholarship Fund will continue its mission in providing scholarships to enable young campers to attend full term camps of their choice with a primary emphasis on young men attending Red Arrow Camp.

Charles M Boesel Foundation

The Charles M. Boesel Scholarship Fund exists to provide financial support each year to boys and girls who would be unable to attend camp without assistance.The Fund is named after Charlie Boesel, longtime director and owner of Red Arrow Camp. It was established in 1967, shortly after his death by his friends and family in his memory.

The first Scholarship was awarded for the summer of 1968 and since that time several hundred young people have received assistance for a summer camp experience.

Historically, the Charles M. Boesel Foundation did not restrict its grants to boys & Red Arrow Camp. Over the years many girls also benefitted from Boesel “Camperships”. Since 2012, when Red Arrow Camp was purchased by the Red Arrow Foundation, the Boesel Fund has become more focused on assisting boys who wish to attend Red Arrow. We still seek to support the daughters of RAC Alumni to achieve their summer camp dreams as well.

Eligibility for a scholarship is based on the candidates need and readiness for camp without regard to race, religion, gender, place of residence, or previous camping affiliation. Usually, the foundation provides only partial assistance. Our hope is that the family will contribute what it can and that the camper will personally assume some responsibility for a portion of the costs as well. The first scholarship was awarded in the summer of 1968 and since that time several hundred young people have received partial assistance for a summer camp experience. Candidates complete an application and directors meet in April each year to review and select scholarship recipients for the following summer. Applicants may apply for a scholarship more than once and siblings may apply.

To learn more about the Charles M Boesel Fund and to request an application, please contact Dave at info@redarrowcamp.com

Board of Directors

The Red Arrow Camp Foundation is led by a small and actively engaged Board of Directors. Each director has specific responsibilities to the Board and to the Foundation. All Directors serve without compensation.

We expect and anticipate that the Board of Directors of the Red Arrow Camp will change over time as members roles change and evolve and as the Foundation matures. A list of our current Directors and Officers follows:

John A. Dickens

– President, Secretary

John’s relationship with Red Arrow spans several decades. He was a camper, a cookie, and a counselor during the 60’s and into the early 1980’s and as a camp parent from the later 90’s through the ‘00s. He has served on the Charles M. Boesel Foundation board since 1985. John has never been far from Red Arrow. He is an Attorney in Milwaukee with the Godfrey & Kahn law firm. He serves as President and Secretary of the RAC Foundation.

Sue R. Krohn

– Vice President

Bob and Sue Krohn purchased Red Arrow Camp in 1968 and served as directors for several decades. Their dedication to camp and the development of young men has been their life’s mission. They sold the camp to the Red Arrow Foundation in 2012 to insure that Red Arrow Camp would survive them. In 2015, Sue retired as a director of RAC, but remains engaged as a member of the Foundation.

Thomas H. Tanner, Jr.

– Vice President, Treasurer

Tod spent his first summer at camp as a camper in 1969. He was a camper, stable boy and counselor until 1981. He joined the Boesel Foundation Board in 1990 and served as President from 1993 to 2013.  Tod is a retired Business Executive and helps with the business end of camp.

David L. Johnson

– Director of Red Arrow Camp.

Dave started at camp in the early 60’s as a camper and stayed as a cabin counselor through the mid-70’s. After a career in teaching and coaching Dave returned to run the Tripping Program at RAC. In more recent years, he took on more and more responsibilities at camp and now serves as Director.  

Fred W. Albright

Fred has been at camp since he started as a counselor in 1967 with Bob and Sue working for Charlie Boesel. Fred has been a fixture at Red Arrow and an icon in the local community. He runs the riding program and manages many aspects of Camp during the summer.

Charles D. Jacobus, Jr.

Chuck has been involved with camp since 1969 when he started his tenure as a camper, cookie and counselor. He joined the Boesel Foundation Board in 1988. His sons have been counselors since 1995. Chuck’s business leadership in Milwaukee and his summer residence on Upper Trout combine in Chuck to give us a strong contributor on our leadership team.

Timothy B. Lautz, MD

Tim has been involved at RAC since the early 2000s.  Following his 5 years as a counselor, he has remained actively involved in camp - managing alumni outreach, our historical archives, and social media presence.  He practices pediatric general surgery in Chicago, IL.  

Hodges Davis, MD

The Louisiana Hodges/Davis family first drank the waters of Trout Lake in 1968. Hodges, his 3 brothers and numerous cousins were part of the first generation of the “Southern Invasion”, who were  RAC campers and counselors for greater then 20 years.  Hodges’ 5 sons have led the second-generation invasion. He has been back on board as a parent of campers and counselors since 2002.  Hodges is an orthopedic surgeon in Charlotte, NC and is passionate about keeping the RAC boy as an important option now and for the next generation.

Advisory Board

The Board of Advisors is a group of Red Arrow Camp alumni who assist in the activities of the Foundation. This board evolved from the Charles M Boesel Foundation. Fundraising and allocation of scholarships for worthy campers remains the central mission of this group. The Board meets annually to review applications for financial aid and to award scholarship grants for the up-coming summer. In addition, they advise and assist the RAC Foundation in a variety of areas ranging from alumni relations to recruitment and communications. All Directors serve without compensation.

  • Donald M. Beeby
  • Edward Beierlein
  • Juan I. Blanco
  • Frank T. Boesel, Jr.
  • Jay W. Buehler
  • Tighe L. Burke
  • R. Randall Clark
  • Gerry Cumpiano
  • Jack H. Dickens
  • Randal B. Hopper
  • Kenneth W. Jacobs III - President
  • Eugene T. Jacobus – Asst. Treasurer
  • Philip A. Marineau
  • Christopher W. Meyer - Treasurer
  • Adam B. Moreno
  • Richard Pawlak
  • Eric M. Roche – Vice President
  • Craig P. Stanley
  • James B. Tait, III
  • Richard F. Wenzel


Why was the Foundation established?

By creating the Red Arrow Camp Foundation, and purchasing Red Arrow Camp, the camp’s future is spared from the uncertainty of ownership change or dilution. By transitioning Red Arrow Camp into a non-profit Foundation structure, the Camp will survive for future generations.

What percentage of the money given goes to the Camp vs. Foundation costs?

The Directors of the Foundation are not compensated for their work on the Foundation. In addition, the costs of mailing, and producing our mailings have been covered by a specific donation for that purpose. As a result, the costs of the Foundation are nearly Zero!

Now that the Foundation owns the Camp, why should I donate?

The Red Arrow Camp Foundation purchased the camp in 2012 but we have more work to do. The Foundation seeks to support Red Arrow Camp’s expenditures for program expansion, facility enhancement and we hope to create an endowment for tuition abatement.

How is the donated money being used specifically now?

Right now there are several Capital Expense programs underway or waiting for funding. In 2012, we replaced two septic systems, made critical improvements to Cabin A, and began an upgrade to the electrical distribution system and wiring throughout the campus. We also began to clean up some of the dead trees in the forest. In 2013 we are funding the new Red Arrow Website, repairing the ball diamond, expanding the sail fleet, purchasing new appliances in the kitchen and continuing the clean-up in the woods. We are beginning a long term program to maintain & preserve the structure and appearance of all of our precious Log Cabins. In 2012 the ropes course was retired and we are currently reviewing our options to restore this activity. Other programs will be considered by the Board as we move foward. All of these programs are being funded by the contributions to the Red Arrow Camp Foundation.

Can I donate to specific purposes?

Donations can be designed either for the capital campaign or for the Charles M Boesel scholarship fund. Funds designated for the capital campaign are general used by the Foundation to support the camp in whatever way the Directors deem is the best use for the camp at the time. However, if you would like to support a specific initiative, feel free to contact the Foundation to share your thoughts. If you would like to discuss this further, it is recommended that you contact the Foundation at foundation@redarrowcamp.com

Who donates?

Donations have ranged from large to small in size and they have come from Corporate Foundations, Family Foundations, Individuals, Alumni, Staff and even current campers. Any amount is appreciated and all giving has to start somewhere. It is important that our future generations learn the value of philanthropy and we are thankful to be included in the charitable considerations of so many of our campers, alumni and their families.

Are donations tax deductible?

Dontations to the Red Arrow Camp Foundation and Charles M Boesel Fund are deductible for Income Tax, Federal Estate Tax and Gift Tax purposes.

May I donate items other than money to camp?

The Red Arrow Foundation enables people to give items to the camp and take deductions on the items If you are interested in making a gift of an item, please contact the Foundation by e-mail (foundation@redarrowcamp.com) to discuss the potential gift.

May I donate appreciated stocks?

The Foundation has established accounts to allow this type of contribution. Please contact the Foundation by e-mail (foundation@redarrowcamp.com) to direct your gift.

May I set up bequests or include the Foundation in my will?

Yes. Please contact John Dickens at john@redarrowcamp.com if you have any questions.

  • Red Arrow Camp Foundation
  • c/o John Dickens
  • Godfrey & Kahn,S.C.
  • 833 E. Michigan Street, Suite 1800
  • Milwaukee, WI 53202
  • Email: foundation@redarrowcamp.com