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  • Telephone: 920-728-2101
  • Address (Year Round)
  • 3980 Day Lake Road
  • Woodruff, WI 54568


Being a camp counselor is NOT an easy job - in fact we call it the “second toughest job” there is - right behind that of being a parent!

A camp counselor must be a surrogate parent, a big brother, a hero, a friend to each of his campers. The health and safety of the boys whether it be on camping trips, in the cabin or in the activities he teaches, must be his main concern at all times. On top of this, he is expected to help each of our 100 campers have the best summer of his life.

Counselors are required to be at least 18 years of age, and are generally expected to have already completed at least one year of college. Prior experience as a camper at RAC is a bonus, but is not a requirement for the job. Counselors must have the level of skilled necessary to teach one or more of the activities offered at Red Arrow to campers from beginner to advanced levels.

Compensation includes salary, room and board. Our salaries are higher than those offered by most other camps because of our commitment to hiring the most skilled, committed and passionate educators. Time off includes one full day (24 hours) each week, plus two additional nights out.

In addition to the generous salary, camp offers a number of equally important intangible benefits. Camp provides opportunities to develop lifetime friendships with both your campers and fellow staff members. It also affords opportunities to learn new activities and gain extremely valuable leadership experience. Finally, it provides for the unforgettable memories that come from helping a child grow and reach his potential.

Employee Testimonials

From a staff member:

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to experience all the great things at RAC. I don’t know who learned more, the campers or myself. I do know that during the summer I was able to grow personally and professionally. I will reap the experiences that I have gained throughout the summer at Red Arrow for a life time!”

From a parent to a staff member:

“I want you to know that my son thinks you hung the moon! He adores you and I know respects you as a role model which is important since his dad died three years ago.”

Employment dates for 2018 are from June 11th to August 9th, which includes 10 days  of pre-camp training before the boys arrive.

Salaries for the summer of 2018 are as follows:
Having completed 1 year of college $3200/summer
Having completed 2 years of college $3300/summer
Having completed 3 years of college $3400/summer
Having completed 4 years of college $3500/summer