Lately At Red Arrow!

Click on the picture below to see some amazing pictures taken by Pablo Fregoso of some daily life here at camp!

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Aquagatta 2015!

This years Aquagatta was a blast. From tug of war in the water to multiple relay races in the swim lanes and closing the day with a huge game of ultimate capture the flag! Aquagatta truly was amazing and filled with adventures!

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An Update From Camp


Today is an absolutely beautiful day at RAC! This afternoon Cabins A, B and C returned from their trips with MANY stories to tell. They were all supposed to embark on their journeys on Monday, but the rain pushed us back a day and they ended up leaving on Tuesday. I was lucky enough to go with Cabin A down the Trout River and through the Lower and Middle Gresham Lakes. Last night we had an amazing view of Middle Gresham as we camped on Honeymoon Island. The bugs and weather cooperated the entire trip and the boys all ...

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4th Of July At Red Arrow

Firecracker sounds echo throughout the quad. Boys scurry out of the cabins dressed in only their pajamas. They all gather on their Red or Grey teams. Lining up to the sound of the beat of a drum, they march towards the water balloon battlefield. "Charge!" Over 2,000 water balloons fly in the air! Only here at Red Arrow, does one wake up to a huge water balloon fight on the fourth of July!

Following this great battle, the boys had multiple Red and Grey events, such as tug of war, pushball, ultimate capture the flag, and gold rush. The ...

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Castle's Canoeing Adventures

Castle took an amazing first trip! Click the photo to view more!


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Counselor Stunt Night 2015!

As the curtain opened and the sounds of School Days echoes in the Rec Hall. The boys all gathered to see their counselors put on one amazing show! Click the picture to see more!


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Adventures In Cabin F!

Cabin F recently went on a hiking adventure in the the Porcupine Mountains! Click on the picture to see more on the trip!


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Chateau's Trip To The Flambeau!

The mighty men from Chateau paddled down the Flambeau last week! Click the picture below to see their adventure!


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Cabin G's Trip To The Porcupine Mountains!

Last week G's Great Guys took a hiking trip up into Michigan! Here are some amazing pictures from their adventures!

Click the picture below:

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Weekly Update From Camp

Time sure does fly when you are having fun! This past week cabin G headed for dryer ground as they went on a three day hiking trip to Porcupine Mountains. Chateau and Chalet also went on three day canoeing trips to the Flambeau and Cabins F and Manor made sure Drew stayed busy sending trips out to the Porcupine Mountains and the Flambeau flowage. While the boys had a blast on their adventures, it was great getting them all back to camp on Thursday.

Last night we held our annual Counselor Stunt Night. A number of alumni and a couple ...

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