The Canadian Returns!

The boys of the Chateau returned on Wednesday from 11 days up in the Canadian wilderness. They have returned stronger and more confident...and with lots of great stories of their adventure. The whole camp gathered to welcome our Seniors back to RAC! It's great to have you back men! Take a look at their triumphant return...


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Horsin' Around

Riding classes are one of RAC's most popular programs. Many of our boys love riding the horses through the Northwoods. Here's your chance to meet the horses our campers are riding this summer. Click on the pictures to read a short bio of each of them. Happy Trails!

Driggs Headshot

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Aquagatta is Always Amazing!

Waking up to Indian drums and and the counselors dressed as Indian chiefs can only mean one thing...Aquagatta! The boys spent the morning figuring out clues to find their tribe's treasure. In the afternoon, we took to the water for crazy relay races and aqua events. We had beautiful weather and everyone had fun! We finished the day with rootbeer floats for the whole camp!

Check out a ton of pictures from the whole day!


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2nd Sign-Up Is Off To A Great Start!

The summer is flying by...we're already into the 2nd sign-up. The Chateau is off on the Canadian and Chalet is hiking the Isle Royal. Cabin G is already back from their second trip and Aquagatta is this weekend. We've had big rainstorms at night, but most days have been hot and sunny! The summer keeps getting better and we are looking forward to the weeks remaining! Take a look at some of the campers in their 2nd sign-up classes!

Shop 2

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2013 RAC Camp Counselors

Click below to see the 2013 camp counselors and a short biography on each one.

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The Canadian

The mighty men of the Chateau headed out this morning to the wilderness of Canada, where they will brave the whitewaters in their canoes...a Red Arrow tradition for the oldest campers! They will return with experiences and memories that they will cherish for life! Good luck and God speed, boys!


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4th Of July

We had an awesome time on the 4th of July! Check out the pictures of the fun events of the day!

Push Ball 4

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Cabin Night is Fun Night!

Creativity and imagination run free on Cabin Nights. Every Wednesday, each cabin creates their own night of fun, adventure, and memories as they strengths their friendships and cabin, as a whole! Take a look at the great pictures from the night. Chalet and Chateau were busy playing paintball over on the island and didn't get a chance to have their picture taken...don't worry...everyone is having a blast. We'll catch them before they leave on the Isle and Canadian!

Check out our Flickr page for more pictures!

Roasting Marshmallows

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The Spirit of Competition

One of the most fun parts of camp is having the opportunity to compete against neighboring camps in a variety of competitions. On Sunday, RAC competed against Highlands Boys Camp. In Cubs basketball, we were victorious, defeating Highlands 37-24. Midgets soccer fought a hard game, scoring a goal in the final seconds to tie Highlands 3-3. Congratulations to both teams! 

Check out more photos of both competitions below!

Free Throw 2

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Cabin B's First Trip

Cabin B is excited about their first trip of the RAC season up the Trout River.

Cabin B

Click below for two more pictures.

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