Getting Ready for Camp

Camp is just a little over a week away. Most of our families are doing their last-minute prep work; making sure all the forms are filled out and checking over the packing list. 

Preparations are underway here at camp too. Our staff has arrived for training and camp clean-up. While part of our counselor training is “book work”, we talk about how to work with children of different age groups and discuss situations that involve risk and how to keep our campers safe, another important part of our training is the work groups. 

Returning campers will notice 1 less tree on the quad. Over the years the activity of the piliated woodpeckers combined with a robust colony of carpenter ants made the tree unsafe. We want to provide a fun summer for our campers, but we also want to make sure everyone is safe at camp. 

This picture shows a group of counselors cleaning up after the tree was cut. By working together and accomplishing a task where they need to rely on each other they become a stronger counselor team. Part of our training is to model what we want them to do with our campers as the counselors help their cabin groups become a strong team.

Tonight’s training also included a short trip down the Trout as we began to review trip procedures . . . and ended with some social time around a fire in the canoe circle and an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and time to get to know the new staff. 


Tonight our counselors enjoyed the lake. In just over a week it will be our campers standing around this fire reconnecting with their friends and meeting the new boys. We can’t wait . . .

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