A Gorgeous Day at Camp


Good morning,

The sun is shining here at Red Arrow, and Trout Lake is getting warmer every day. We did receive a small amount of much needed rain last night to soften the ground and green the grass of the field and pasture. Yesterday cabins C, F, G and H all headed out on trips. Cabin C is paddling the Manitowish River, while Cabin H is enjoying the rapids of the Flambeau River’s North Fork. Cabins F and G are immersed in the beautiful scenery of Pictured Rocks. We will be sure to upload photos as soon as we can upon their return.

               The boys are loving the red vs gray competitions that we have held so far this summer. At the moment, gray holds a 75-point lead, which means if the competition ended today, they would hold a 75 second lead in the final relay that will be held on July 30. We expect the relay to take just under an hour to complete, so while the lead is important, it is definitely not enough to hinder the red team’s chances. On Friday the boys will compete in the weekly capture the flag game where anywhere from 100 to 300 points will be up for grabs.

               This morning, the cabins that are in camp faced off in kickball, basketball, and street hockey. This evening they will all enjoy the second cabin night of the summer. The boys are very excited to see what their counselors have in store for them tonight.

               The staff are busy planning this year’s Counselor Stunt Night, which will take place on Saturday at 7:30pm. We are expecting tons of alumni at the event and we are very excited to see many visiting families this weekend. After the show we will once again be hosting a get-together across the road at the Trout Lake Golf Course. Counselors will take turns attending the party while also covering their cabins, allowing our guests the opportunity to meet the men who are taking care of our campers this summer.

               Chapel will be held the following morning at 11:30am. We invite all guests to stick around after chapel for our first BBQ lunch of the summer. We will be grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and hope that many of you will be able to attend to eat with our campers and staff.

               The summer is off to a wonderful start and the boys are having a fantastic time. Please keep an eye on Instagram as the summer goes on to see what is happening at Red Arrow. We will be uploading trip photos on Flickr as cabins return to camp.



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