The Buses Have Arrived!

The buses have arrived! The countdown has finally reached zero! We could not feel more excited and more privileged to get to spend the next seven weeks with this group of 94 wonderful boys. Tonight the campers will get a tour of camp, pick between a number of open activities to try out and get to know their counselors and cabin mates. Tomorrow we will all go through fitness checks and take the swimming and canoeing tests. The boys will also hear about every activity at camp before choosing the ones they would like to participate in for the next two weeks.

While the next few days are packed full of fun activities, we are going to make sure we all take a few minutes to slow down and appreciate the camaraderie of friends and the atmosphere of excitement that can only happen at a place like camp. The skills we have taught the 24 men that will take care of your sons for the summer will be sure to be put to the test. We are ready for the homesickness that may fill some of the boys, we are ready for the nerves of trying new activities and we are ready push them to be the best boys they can be. We will do everything we can to make sure they know we welcome them with open arms and we will do anything to make sure they transition to camp with smiles on their faces.

All of the boys will be in camp for the next couple of days before we send out our first round of trips early next week. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is with which we can help.

Take care and Happy Camping!

Will Dunmire

Program Director

Red Arrow Camp for Boys

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