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Cabin Pictures 2014


Cabin B 

Diego Braun, Ciaran Bruce, Braedon Kwitek, Alex McDermott, Luke Robinson, Diego Zercovitz, Nico Zercovitz

Counselors:  Butch Blecher, Madison Magee



Cabin C

Parker Barton, Shaun Beeby, Javier Braun, Alejandro Elek, Andres Garibay, Wolfgang Genger, Harrison Roderick

Counselors:  Santiago Campillo, Morgan Lecorgne



Cabin D

Jack Chione, Jorge Conde, Justice Hargrove, Elliot Kwitek, Joe Masterson, Inigo Pons, Brandon Shogren

Counselors:  Kevin Kelly, Jack Carlson


Cabin E

Hayden Barton, Max Easton, Juan Elek, Jimmy Hoban, Jaden Lane, Mikey Stops, Pablo Zercovitz

Counselors:  Dylan Thomas, Zach Yindra


Cabin F

Noah Sherman, Liam Perry, Robert Brightman, Cormac Bruce, Juan Castellanos, Manuel de la Fuente ...

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Cabin Counselors Summer of 2014


Madison is from Raleigh,
North Carolina and is a senior at North Carolina State. He is studying
nutrition. Madison was a Red Arrow camper for 2 years and this is his
second year as a counselor. He will be teaching softball, wrestling, and


Butch is from Lake Geneva,
Wisconsin and attends the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay majoring in
K-8 Education. This is Butch’s first summer at Red Arrow Camp and he
will be teaching soccer, fitness, and weight lifting.


Santiago is from Mexico City. He ...

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First Chapel Service of the Summer!

Sundays are spent a little differently than any other day at Red Arrow! After a fantastic breakfast and a soap and towel, the boys prepare for our weekly Chapel Service. The Camper Choir sang "You Can Do Most Anything" following Gerry Cumpiano's talk about being a "Red Arrow Man," instilling the spirit of "Yes I Can" in each boy's heart. The afternoon holds a full schedule of optionals and a cookout before awards to end the night. A fabulous way to spend a Sunday in the North Woods!

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First Red & Grey Competition of the Season!


Today the campers were all divided into the official red and grey teams for the summer! Our first competition of the season was an all-camp Capture the Flag game. After two intense matches, both teams won a round. Although the boys were divided for the activity, at the end of the day we are all one big happy family!

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The Campers Have Arrived!


At 4:30pm the bus rolled into camp with the campers excited to start the summer! After some Sloppy Joe's for dinner the boys had their first optionals of the season. It's looking to be one amazing summer here at Red Arrow!

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STAFF TEAM 2014 Is Ready For The Summer!

Grass is getting mowed, fields lined, piers in the water, and cabins cleaned! The counselors are training in all the skills they will need to help every boy grow this summer! We're almost ready for the campers to arrive. We hope everyone finished their school year strong, and each camper is ready for a summer that will be filled with laughter, fun, growth, and friendship! It's been a long it's time for RAC to begin! See you soon!!!

2014 Staff Team

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