2014 Horses!

Horses coming SOON to the RAC Stables for Summer 2014

1. West-- Black and White APHA   Voted last summer as the MVH by all Equestrians, (has been voted that "honor" a number of times in the past) This will be West's 12 consecutive summer at Red Arrow
2. Driggs--Palomino AQHA  Driggs has also been voted MVH (Most Valuable Horse) a number of times in the past and was "runner up" last year in the vote getting. The will be Driggs 7th consecutive summer at RAC for this great all around gelding. 
3. Jack-- Solid black AQHA Great lesson horse for any ability. This will be Jack's 6 summer at RAC
4.Roney--Red roan AQHA Very quiet all around horse, especially on the trails. His 3rd summer at Red Arrow. 
5. Keechee--tri color APHA  Super quiet, very "kind" gelding. This will be Keechee's 3rd summer at RAC.
6.Jordan--Golden Palomino AQHA. Excellent all around school horse. This will be season no.3 for Jordan at RAC. 
7. Sundance--Dapple Buckskin AQHA. "Mr. Reliable" for any ability. Sundance hails from Wyoming and his 2nd year at RAC
8. Waylon--Grulla/white APHA a staff favorite. Waylon's 3rd summer at RAC
9. Willie--Grulla/white APHA.  a twin to Willie, stalled next to each other. Also his 3rd summer at Red Arrow. 
10. Fargo--Black/white APHA 50/50 colored tobiano who rides the best and hails from North Dakota. His 2nd season at RAC
"Rookies at RAC this summer"
11. Paavo--bay AQHA, very gentle horse hailing from the lake Superior lakeshore area. Paavo's "Rookie season" at camp.
12. Hurley--Bay AQHA coming from the same barn as Paavo. Also his "Rookie season" at camp.
13.Vaughn--jet black AQHA with 4 white socks and a white blaze, has "all the chrome". Very sweet horse to be around. His 1st summer at RAC
14. Simon--big dapple buckskin AQHA hailing from the Texas/ Oklahoma border. This will be his "Rookie season" at camp
15. Lucky--bay AQHA. Big muscular gelding traveling to camp from Jackson Hole, Wy. This will be Lucky's 1st season at RAC
16.Hank--sorrel/white APHA, Sweet-slow tobiano gelding coming to camp from the Rafter J Ranch, Big Timber, Montana

The entire barn staff are very excited about this set of geldings coming to Red Arrow Camp Stables, (NO mares please, RAC is a "Boys Camp Riding program--thanks you").  it is a mixture of the great returning horses with some really gentle new horses out at the barn for their 1st summer, much like the campers who will ride them. We are very excited to announce that Ed Foote will be returning for his 2nd summer as a "Barn Manager a Teaching Asst.". Also joining Ed in the same capacity is former riding camper and multi year Gymkana team leader, McKenzie Beeby, it should prove to be a great-fun year at the "Barn" for all riders.

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